ABC Syringe – In-Line Arterial Blood Sampling Set

Available also 

  1. With and without a needle
  2. Packaging: Ribbon & Blister Pack.
  3. Sizes – 1ml, & 3ml.


ABC Syringe ( Arterial Syringe – In-Line Arterial Blood Sampling Set)


  1. Specially designed to minimize preanalytical variability in sample collection, handling & transportation.
  2. Dry electrolyte-balanced heparin reduces the risk of your sample clotting.
  3. Easy to use and provides highly accurate results.
  4. Reduces the risk of blood spillage during transportation.
  5. Strong sealing capacity which minimizes the possibility of contamination.
  6. Bold and clear marking production line for ease of reading.
  7. Gamma sterile, Non-Pyrogenic, Single use only.