Easy-Cision ( Soft Tissue Trephine) Disposable Circumcision Stapler | Double Handle


1. Disposable Sterilizing product, prevents various infections, no complications after operation.
2. Medical Staplers are designed to be user-friendly for healthcare professionals & provide precise and consistent closure of tissues to promote proper healing.
3. The incision margins are meat, and the postoperative recovery is fast.
4. The operation is standardized, the instruments are simple to operate and the procedure is fast.
5. Accurate control of the scope of excision, regular cutting edge, beautiful, small scar, fast recovery.
6. Different types of rings are available according to individual differences.
7. Individual blister pack & outer pack: 1Pcs*20Boxes = 20 Pcs





1. Used for male Circumcision in Urology