Easy-Feed Ryles ( Ryle’s Tube/ Nasogastric Tube )



  1. For Nasogastric introduction of nutrition and aspiration of intestinal secretion.
  2. Closed distal end coned with radio-opaque material for accurate placement.
  3. Four lateral eyes, Tube with a radiopaque line, Marked from the tip for accurate placement.
  4. Soft, Frosted, and Kink-resistant PVC Tubing.
  5. Color-coded funnel end connector for easy identification of size.
  6. Tube length: 105 cm.
  7. Sterilized by Ethylene oxide gas in a peel-open pouch.
  8. Available in size (FG): 6Fg, 8FG, 10FG, 12FG, 14FG, 16FG,ย 18FG, 20FG, 22FG, 24FG