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Titanium Ligating Clips

Surgical ( Easy – Clip Titanium Ligating Clips )


Surgical ( Easy – Clip Titanium Ligating Clips )

Titanium Ligating Clips

Suprapubic Needle Surgical( Disposable Optical Trocar Needle)​ – Easy Trocar


  1. Suprapubic needle surgical used in minimally invasive surgery.
  2. Optical entry for endoscope.
  3. Smooth entry with low insertion force into the abdominal cavity.
  4. Funnel design enables smooth instrument exchange and specimen removal.
  5. Clear housing provides surgeon precise visibility of shield position.
  6. Thread design maintains the seal & helps ensure a leak free operation.
  7. The ergonomic design of the trocar thread not only makes instruments stable but also reduces harm to skin.
  8. Pattern and color design is pleasing and comfortable to eyes.
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