Robotics Camera Control (Aktormed)

      • Our  Flagship system for robotic endoscope control.
      • Maximum flexibility and movability.
      • Adaptable to most MIS instruments.
      • Finelly tuned system of resuable components.


    • The system provides surgeons with stable and rock-steady field of vision. Every in extreme endoscope positions.
    • Immediately Reusable.
    • Precise endoscope positioning within a unique range of movement, therefore less cuts & bleedly.
    • Compatible with all available endoscope.
    • Less pain after operation because trocar not stained.
    • The Joystick can be connected to the majority of common MIS instruments by means of magnetically locked mounts.
    • Less manipulation of the laparoscope which mean less contamination.
    • Possible to minimize extra cut.


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