SAFETY I.V. CANNULA | Control Way ( Closed IV Cannula ) | I.V. Cannula with Wings, with Extension line & Safety Feature


  1. This device is designed to minimize needle stick injuries and blood exposure during insertion.
  2. It can reduce backflow into the tip of the cannula, reducing the risk of occlusion and  the need for repeated insertions.
  3. This device reduces the risk of the healthcare professional coming into contact with the patient’s blood and provides a safe way of drawing blood samples.
  4. The pre-assembled system creates a closed fluid path, designed to reduce blood leakage from the catheter hub, and minimize the potential for contamination and exposure to blood.
  5. The use of needle-free connectors eliminates the presence of needles when connecting administration sets or syringes.
  6. Sterile, Non-Toxic, Non-Pyrogenic, Single use only.
  7. Packaging: Individual Blister pack